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Wivenhoe Dam  – Sept 2013


Friday we woke to fog where you couldn’t see more than 50m; we kayaked 20km from Logan’s camping site to the dam wall or as close as we could legally get; by 10am the fog had burned off and the water was like glass most of the way.  Saw lots of pelicans, swans, cormorants and egrets.


Saturday morning we kayaked 10km up one of the many coves of the dam.  After a lunch break back at camp, seven of us took the kayaks to Lowood and put in on the Brisbane River where we successfully negotiated a number of rapids, wide & narrow stretches over a 12.5km length of the river, getting picked up at Savages Crossing.


Sunday after we packed up the tent site, we drove to O’Shea’s Crossing where we again put in on the upper reaches of the Brisbane River – very wide – could see where flood levels had been.  Saw red headed honey eaters, wrens, pelicans, cormorants, moorhens and swans etc.  


What a great weekend!!