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Wyaralong Dam

Social Paddle Sunday August 4th 2013


Wyaralong Dam http://www.previous.seqwater.com.au/public/source-store-treat-supply/dams/wyaralong-dam

7 club members paddled on Wyaralong Dam starting at the western end where there are toilets, cold showers and a picnic area.

The start is a narrow creek with lots of trees. Portage was necessary twice, once at a road.  This 2nd portage caused Angela to do a flying leap over the boat into the water, shame no one caught it on video, it would have been great. The cause was a slippery bank. Fortunately it was a warm sunny day without too much breeze.

We paddled as far as a barrier across the dam which seemed to be holding back the algae. Lunch on the bank, the area chosen was the one not home to sunbaking Red Belly Blacks. We had also seen a Red Belly Black swimming, that sent a shiver through the boat.

As usual we finished the day off with Coffee at Boonah, after the monthly meeting that is.

Great day.